“The author took me to place I haven’t experienced and a country and situation I don’t know. Against a harsh backdrop, where people search for sustenance, doing the best they can with their limited resources, she introduced me to characters with great tenderness. Baby Girl is brutal, but more than that, what shines through is love and kindness. People find happiness where they can and grab it with both hands and open arms. Catherine is a single mother of three children, Tina, Leon, and Michelle. Catherine is a beautiful woman who struggles to support her family. Little by little the family descend, by one mishap after another, until Child Care Protective Services arrive and remove her children . . . The Victory, a compilation of poetry. I’m not surprised Lorna has written a book of poetry. The verse* in this book is beautiful.”  — Fusty Luggs

*Refers to Prologue from the book, Babygirl: Prequel to Black Butterfly