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  • Black Butterfly Series

    In the Black Butterfly Series, pen is placed on realities that are often unspoken among youth in foster care. This compelling trilogy embodies a mother’s struggle with inner-city crime and the foster care system. Counselors, educators, and parents may find it resourceful for youth in similar situations.

  • When a Child’s Voice Falls on Deaf Ears!

    Black Butterfly Books speak to the silence of loss, fight for families, and love for foster children.  As a former foster child, I can remember wondering where to turn or who I could talk to for help and emotional support.  Of course, those closest to me came to mind.  Yet, when my voice fell on […]

  • Press Release: Babygirl (Prequel to the Search for Catherine)

    PRESS RELEASE DATE: September 10, 2018 Babygirl: Prequel to the Search for Catherine was released on September 10, 2018. This is the story of a family dealing with physical and emotional abuse, substance addiction, and the foster care system as one girl grows to young adulthood in the face of unusual odds.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H7S6MBD? Synopsis: In 1977, […]

  • A Hauntingly Beautiful Read!

    Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry that speaks to the silence of loss, the fight for families, and the love for foster children. It is written from the perspective of a youth in crisis and is a reflection of a survivor’s foster care journey. Children, parents, social workers, teachers, and all those who find […]

  • A Youth in Crisis

    Consider the perspective of a youth-in-crisis or a youth struggling in the foster care system.  What supports are in place to help them overcome?  Closure may be difficult, especially, if there are any traumas left behind.  Black Butterfly speaks to matters of the heart that are often unspoken; it speaks to the silence of loss, […]