Resources & Affiliates

From the Resources & Affiliates tab, you may select Urgent Needs, Resource Support, or a List of Homeless Shelters in the State of Michigan. To that end, there are a number of facilities and organizations in the State of Michigan that provide emotional and/or physical support to youth.   Black Butterfly Books LLC lists the Ennis Center as one such organization.  The Ennis Center operates weekdays, Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 5PM.  However, days of operation vary as follows:
Port Huron – Monday and Wednesday
Detroit – Monday and Wednesday
Flint – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Monroe – Tuesday and Thursday
Pontiac – Tuesday and Friday
Howell – Wednesday and Thursday
When calling the Ennis Center after hours, please refer to the following emergency numbers:
810-233-4031 (office)
810-820-1728 (emergency number)
313-342-2699 (office)
313-418-2265 (emergency number)
517-881-0723 (office)
517-881-1559 (emergency number)
734-349-6546 (office)
734-349-6030 (emergency number)
248-334-2715 (office)
248-802-5071 (emergency number)
Port Huron
810-990-1424 (office)
810-285-5694 (emergency number)
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