The Search for Catherine

This is the story of Catherine Hilton, a mother struggling with substance addiction and domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend, Victor Sinclair. When Catherine’s home is investigated, Child Protective Services (CPS) intervenes, Victor is sent to prison, and she loses her children to the foster care system.  Determined to turn her life around and regain custody, Catherine seeks rehabilitation.  For a while, everything seems to be moving in a positive direction until Victor returns from prison.  To Catherine’s dismay, her long journey with rehabilitation seems to come to a close and she finds herself in the same situation, once again.  To ensure the safety of her children, she must remove herself from the lives of all those she holds dear; there’s appears to be no other choice.  Of course, the children are devastated; they long to see their mother again. Catherine has every intention of returning for them, once she can be certain, Victor no longer poses a threat to their safety or the normalcy that they deserve.  Yet, will Victor allow this?  Will Catherine stay clean? Will she ever have a normal life with her children again and what will happen to the children during her absence?  Catherine’s brothers launch a full-scale search for her and will stop at nothing to find her.  The Search for Catherine begins!

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