Release the Stories!

My journey with writing began when I was approximately sixteen years of age.  To that end, my first book was entitled, Black Butterfly: The Journey, the Victory.  Initially, I did not publish the book because in the 1980s the content was viewed as too deep.  In fact, a principal told me that the poetry that I wrote could be used in a discriminatory manner to block hiring or promotions.  So, when the seed of fear was planted, I listened to the principal, and I didn’t publish the poetry until 2014.  Today, I regret that decision because so many people have told me that my poetry is so authentic and relatable and that it could have really helped others back then.  So, I share my story to encourage anyone out there who has stories in their soul to release them.  Don’t wait for someone to validate your work.  God will validate it!  The literary art that dwells on the inside is not just for us.  It is for others who are waiting for someone to articulate what they are trying to say or perhaps what they need to hear.  To that end, Spillwords has published my signature poem, Black Butterfly on their beautifully crafted platform. It is from my book, Black Butterfly: The Journey, The Victory! #Amazon

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