Coming Soon! Anticipated Release Date: December 2019.   Kingdom Cliques is a novel that spotlights a pastor and the manner in which he and his team work together to advance the plans of God, dispel cliques, and cultivate healthy relationships among members. 

Synopsis: Calvary Way Ministries is working toward achieving their ministerial goals.  From teaching Christian principles to humanitarian efforts that reach the masses, Calvary Way Ministries is growing and moving in the right direction.  With an exceptional team of leaders, focused on advancing the vision of the ministry, strategic efforts are regularly employed to ensure membership growth, spiritual maturation, and financial stewardship.  However, somewhere along the lines, church cliques have developed, competition exists among leaders, and operations sometimes border on unethical.  Pastor Hall is very much aware of the problems in the church and conducts regular meetings with his team to ensure the focus returns to where it should be.  However, he cannot do this alone!  Each and every team leader must work together as a unit, supporting a common goal to advance the Kingdom for God. Will Pastor Hall and his ministerial team maintain a standard pleasing to Father God as they work to accomplish the goals of the church?  Kingdom Cliques speaks to the climate and culture of the church as it relates to setting the standard and cultivating healthy relationships.