Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you for visiting Black Butterfly Books LLC. As an author, former foster child, and survivor, I am dedicated to raising awareness on the mental health of foster care children, i.e., those who are currently in foster care and those who are aging out. To that end, the team and wrap-around concepts are embraced in an effort to cultivate sustainable solutions. As a former foster child, I began to journal at the age of 16, focused to effect positive change after traumatic and life-changing experiences in foster care.

Today, there are so many youths exposed to trauma, violence, or abuse and many are struggling physically or mentally to overcome it. Black Butterfly: The Journey – The Victory speaks to daily realities that foster children or youth-in-crisis may be exposed to. Poetry and prose highlight the silence of loss, the fight for families, and love for foster children!

Undoubtedly, public awareness and a team concept for youth in our communities are critical at both grassroots and political decision-making levels. Your support in reaching the masses is sincerely appreciated.

Black Butterfly and other books written by Author Lorna Jackie Wilson may be found at

Best Regards,

Lorna Jackie Wilson


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