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Babygirl: Prequel to the Search for Catherine (Book 1)

In 1977, siblings Tina, Michelle, and Leon Hilton live with their mother, Catherine, in Detroit. Although times are tough, Catherine does the best she can with the support of her mother-and in spite of the abuse she receives from her boyfriend, Victor. When eleven-year-old Michelle is accidentally injured, a caseworker from Child Protective Services visits the family. Later, Victor’s drug stash is found in their house, and soon the three siblings are taken from their mother and placed into separate foster homes. Over the next several months, Michelle experiences a number of foster homes that lead her to question and challenge the lifestyle and sense of identity that she has experienced thus far, significantly affecting her self-esteem, purpose, and well-being. Meanwhile, Catherine works to put her life back together and win back custody of her children. This is the story of a family dealing with physical and emotional abuse, substance addiction, and the foster care system as one girl grows to young adulthood in the face of unusual odds.


The Search for Catherine (Book 2)

This is the story of Catherine Hilton, a mother struggling with substance addiction and domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend, Victor Sinclair. When Catherine’s home is investigated, Child Protective Services (CPS) intervenes, Victor is sent to prison, and she loses her children to the foster care system. Determined to turn her life around and regain custody, Catherine seeks rehabilitation. For a while, everything seems to be moving in a positive direction until Victor returns from prison. To Catherine’s dismay, her long journey with rehabilitation seems to come to a close and she finds herself in the same situation, once again. To ensure the safety of her children, she must remove herself from the lives of all those she holds dear; there’s no other choice! Of course, the children are devastated; they long to see their mother again. Catherine has every intention of returning for them, once she can be certain, Victor no longer poses a threat to their safety or the normalcy that they deserve. Yet, will Victor allow this? Will Catherine stay clean? Will she ever have a normal life with her children again and what will happen to the children during her absence? Catherine’s brothers launch a full-scale search for her and will stop at nothing to find her. The Search for Catherine begins!


Black Butterfly: The Journey – The Victory (Book 3)

Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry that speaks to the silence of loss, fight for families, and love for foster children. With consideration to the daily realities that foster children or youth may experience, Black Butterfly embodies real-life issues through faith-based reflections. This poetry compilation is dedicated to the foster child, youth-in-crisis, and individuals who are striving to attain positive change.





Greyton’s Grill and the Game Changers: Where Ambition and Love Collide!

Have you ever taken a close look at the business world with consideration of the games people play to get ahead in the workplace? Greyton’s Grill and the Game Changers take on the offices of Dynamic Digital Marketing (DDM), an organization that is highly competitive and often cut-throat. This character-driven story spotlights Carmen Fenton, a waitress at Greyton’s Grill, and student studying to earn a college degree in Marketing. With the laborious hours, she spends as a waitress, Carmen is eager to graduate and start her career. However, Ray Collins, a frequent customer at the grill, finds Carmen quite beautiful. Yet, Carmen is focused on her career goals and mustn’t let anything get in the way of that, no matter how persistent Ray might be. Upon graduation, she is placed with DDM. As she strives to learn the business, she encounters an old flame, unethical business practices, and corporate sabotage. Will she be able to juggle the demands of school, a relationship, its related drama, and the business world? Hold on to your seats and get ready to encounter a dramatic novel of multifaceted entanglements!


Game Changers: Power – Control – Deception

Have you ever taken a close look at the business world with consideration of the games people play to get ahead in the workplace? Game Changers take on the offices of Dynamic Digital Marketing, an organization that is highly competitive and often cut-throat. This character-driven story spotlights office romance, marketing campaigns, and the relationships that are forged to get the jobs done! So, hold on to your seats and get ready to encounter a dramatic novel of multifaceted entanglements.


Penny Candy: The Hopscotch Trails

Margo is excited that school has finally let out for summer vacation. She is anxious to visit her best friend, Trisha. They haven’t seen each other since Trisha and her mom moved away to Florida. It’s finally time for best friends to enjoy a fun-filled summer together. But what is this? When she arrives, she finds Trisha has other friends, too. Will they all get along? Will they have fun? Whatever will they do? Penny Candy – The Hopscotch Trails takes you on a journey through the eyes of Margo, a little girl, on summer vacation.


Kingdom Cliques – The Faith Fight Series (Book 1)

Calvary Way Ministries (CWM) is working toward achieving ministerial goals. From teaching Christian principles to humanitarian efforts that reach the masses, CWM is growing and moving in the right direction. With an exceptional team of leaders, focused on advancing the mission of the ministry, strategic efforts are regularly deployed to ensure membership growth, biblical maturation, and financial stewardship. However, somewhere along the lines, church cliques have developed, conflicts exist, and operations can border on unethical. Kingdom Cliques embodies CWM’s climate and culture as it relates to raising a standard, dispelling cliques, and cultivating healthy relationships.


This Means War! – The Faith Fight Series (Book 2)

In a systemic era where the nation seemed to have forgotten the biblical standards set forth by Father God, tensions were high. Families struggled to maintain normalcy amid immorality and injustice. Seth and Gloria Echols were no exception. Like other families that stood on the Word of God, they purposed to do the same. Yet, as the nation began to tear away from the very heart of God, they faced yet another crisis; their marriage was falling apart. With battlegrounds both at home and nationally, how would they sustain the normalcy that modeled the definition of Christianity in the face of a national crisis? Corruption had crept its way into nearly every facet of government and legislation. The media filled the airwaves with misleading propaganda. Someone had to take a stand! Something had to be done to turn the hearts of people back to Father God. As Seth and Gloria began to stand in agreement with the church, i.e., the Ekklesia, there was a shift in their posture of prayer. Yet, how would their marriage be restored and how would the Ekklesia dispel the rising trend of gross darkness in cultural norms? This Means War is founded on Matthew 11:12 AMP “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize].”


That’s My Car: I Designed It!

Kevin is a nine-year-old boy who loves cars. He and his best friend, Michael, often play with Hot Wheels. Yet, when Kevin isn’t playing, he is in school or drawing designs of cars. His father is an automotive design engineer and Kevin desires to be just like him when he grows up. This is the story of a father’s influence over his son’s life choices. It emphasizes the importance of role models and is presented as a fun-filled adventure that is colorful, entertaining, and educational.



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