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Welcome to Black Butterfly Books, LLC!  Black Butterfly Books LLC are “Books in the Wild,” i.e., overlooked stories or unusual books that some may consider as expressions of reality from places of raw emotion.  With an emphasis on youth and youth-in-crisis, Black Butterfly Books place ink to unspoken realities that youth may experience through spoken word and literary workshops. Black Butterfly Books speak to the silence of loss, fight for families, and love for foster care children. From life experiences articulated through poetry and faith-based perspectives, to fiction novels that delve into real-life stories, Black Butterfly Books speak to the heart!

Dauntless Butterfly is a division of Black Butterfly Books LLC.  The vision of Dauntless Butterfly is to make a tangible difference in the lives of youth or foster children striving for positive change.  For every direct book purchase made at this site, a percentage of its profits will be donated to a cause that supports youth.

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