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Welcome to Black Butterfly Books. Black Butterfly Books are compelling stories that speak to overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity. From foster care to corporate crime, and more, Black Butterfly Books embody stories found by reviewers to be riveting from beginning to end!

With Black Butterfly Books, venture towards the dramatic with my collection of crime thrillers, embrace a compilation of poetry that speaks to the soul, or explore a didactic view of a ministry with the Faith Fight Series: Kingdom Cliques and This Means War!  In children’s books, engage your young learners with Margo in Penny Candy or enjoy a ride with Kevin in That’s My Car: I Designed It!  These highly-illustrated books are fun and educational. Available at, Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, and other online bookstores!

FEATURING: The Black Butterfly Series
In the Black Butterfly Series, pen is placed on realities that are often unspoken among youth in foster care.  This is an intriguing story of a mother’s struggle with inner-city crime and the foster care system. Counselors, teachers, and educators may find it resourceful for students in similar situations.


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